05 Jun 2020 - 19 Jul 2020




Turbine Art Fair (TAF NPO) have launched Stilled Life, a Covid-19 photographic project for South Africans to tell their stories and share their experiences during these difficult and challenging times.

The urgent and extensive nature of Covid-19 has ambushed each and every nation around the world to varying extents, in what has proved to be both a collective yet simultaneously isolating experience to which no one is immune.

South Africa is no exception as the pain of saving lives and sustaining livelihoods bites deep. It has however provided a Big Pause Button for many, as Quarantine and Lockdown contains people in limited space with little movement for extended periods.

This has however us given time to reflect and observe. It has helped amplify what is unbalanced and what needs fixing and healing. For some there also exists the privilege and the possibility to make better life choices. It is in this enigmatic space, that the moments of hope and despair, and of love and care, distinctly emerge

It is here on this platform that South Africans can tell their stories by submitting their own photographs documenting ‘life in times of Covid SA’. Entries open 5th June and close midnight 19th July 2020.


There are 3 categories for entry :


#YourStory - Simply share your view and personal experience of Life in the Times of Covid


#New Normal - Sometimes we surprise ourselves on the human race’s ability to adapt, adjust and accommodate.


#Helping Hands - Times like this are challenging and bring out the best and the worst in us. However the stories of generosity of spirit and deep humanity are completely inspiring.

The top 100 photos will be selected by a panel of judges and exhibited online at the RMB Turbine Art Fair 2020 and will go on to be auctioned by Strauss & Co in August with all proceeds donated to the BASA Artists Relief Fund. The Top 100 photos will also be showcased in a national traveling exhibition later in 2020 and early 2021


Submitted images will be featured on the Stilled Life social media throughout the project.

Judging Panel includes, Greg Maloka, Savannah Feeke, Musa Nxumalo & Greg Marinovich.


Stilled Life is presented by Turbine Art Fair NPO in partnership with the Forum Company and BASA (Business and Arts South Africa). The auction is sponsored by Strauss & Co. Turbine Art Fair (TAF) is a registered Non Profit Organisation,152-943 NPO.


Project Terms and Conditions:

1.1 Entrants under the age of eighteen (18), must obtain parental or guardian consent to enter. The application form must be submitted by an adult (parent/guardian) on behalf of the minor.

1.2. There is no charge to submit your entry. Any costs you incur in entering the competition are for your own account.

1.3. You may only enter one image per category.

1.4. Images must can be captured on phones or cameras and your image should be entered under the application categories.

1.5. Please follow the latest government regulations on social distancing when taking your photograph.

1.6. By submitting images to the Stilled Life project you agree to donate the submitted image/s (should they be selected for the Top 100) to the Stilled Life benefit auction, to be hosted by Strauss & Co in aid of the BASA Artist Relief Fund.

1.7. TAF (NPO) will not publish or make available any personal information submitted through the form.

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Read our full Terms and Conditions here

Public Programme views

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