StArt Gallery Namibia

StArt Art Gallery is an independent gallery with an online platform

www.startartgallery.com and a physical presence in Namibia and abroad through pop-up

exhibitions, markets and art fairs. StArt Art Gallery offers art consulting services in

Namibia for private individuals, corporates and other institutions for purchasing or

commissioning artworks. Additionally, StArt Art Gallery offers curatorial, arts

administration and facilitation services.


StArt Art Gallery opened its doors at its first premises in Macadam Street, Windhoek, to

the public in late September 2017. It was founded by Namibian curators Helen Harris and

Gina Figueira. Both Helen and Gina were born and grew up in Windhoek, Namibia. Gina

received an honours degree in Fine Art (Sculpture) from the university currently known as

Rhodes in 2015 and a Masters in Art Gallery and Museum Studies from the University of

Leeds in 2019. Helen graduated with an honours in Fine Art (Sculpture), with a second

major in Social Anthropology, in 2014 from the University of Cape Town and Masters in

Contemporary Curating from Manchester School of Art in 2019. Since graduating Gina

and Helen have worked actively in the Namibian art world, curating exhibitions for the

public and private sector. In 2016 and 2017 Helen and Gina worked at the National Art

Gallery of Namibia as curators. During this time they created strong ties to Namibian

artists and the arts community. Start Art Gallery is a product of their shared vision for the

future of Namibian art.



Gina Figueira & Helen Harris




Flat 161. 

177 on Independence. 




StArt Gallery Namibia

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Flashback, an exhibition of photographs by Tony Figueira

Flashback, an exhibition of photographs by Tony Figueira

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01 May 2020

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