RK Contemporary

RK Contemporary was established in 2017, benefitting from the curators long standing

experience in the industry. It specialises in high-end, collectable, contemporary artworks,

produced by local and internationally renowned artists, as well as lesser-known emerging

artists. We bridge the gap that exists between contemporary art and its audience –

creating an understanding of how today’s visual arts express social, cultural and

environmental issues in our changing world.


The collections of artworks housed within RK Contemporary are carefully curated and

presented to the public in a series of meticulously planned exhibitions throughout the

year. In selecting artists for exhibitions, the curator focuses on selecting works which

send powerful personal, social, cultural and/or environmental messages which can

meaningfully connect with its audience. This ensures a steady flow of high-quality visual

experiences, right here in the Riebeek Valley -only an hour’s drive to Cape Town!

The Riebeek Valley has a high concentration of professional artists and is known and

registered as an ‘Arts Town’. Many of these artists have national and international

reputations and their works form part of prestigious collections such as the Spier Arts

Trust. RK Contemporary is privileged to have represented many of these artists. The

gallery is also a partner to the annual event, Solo Studios, a bespoke open studios art

experience (www.solostudios.co.za). This event is currently in its fifth year and attracts

collectors and art enthusiasts from around the country.


In addition to hosting regular exhibitions, RK Contemporary also encourages partnerships

between educators and artists. It welcomes proposals from creative individuals or groups

to present fresh ideas of contemporary work. It is also dedicated to offering the gallery as

a non-commercial project space for experimental ventures by established and emerging

artists. For the past 4 years RK Contemporary has provided an outlet for The Creative

Block, administered by the Spier Arts Trust. Buyers include private individuals, patrons

and corporates, collecting and growing their blocks to create a single ‘work’ that

“honestly and sometimes brutally expresses contemporary South African society.” –

quote Spier Arts Trust.


RK Contemporary has benefited from exposing its offerings on social media through

Instagram and Facebook.

The up to date and user friendly website www.rkcontemporary.com showcases the latest

exhibitions, artists represented and current artworks for sale, making it accessible to

people all over the world.



Astrid McLeod




32 Main Street.

Riebeek Kastiel.

Western Cape

South Africa.


RK Contemporary

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