Mia Thom

Mia Thom (b.1995) is a Cape Town based interdisciplinary artist, who explores the material and psychoacoustic possibilities of sound to challenge the ways in which we access knowledge. In 2017, she graduated from the Michaelis School of Fine Art (UCT) with a BAFA (Hons) with distinction. Thom’s first solo show, Invisible Motifs, took place in 2019. She has also taken part in several local group shows as well as participating in a series of artist talks, focusing on the intersection of astronomy and art, hosted by the A4 Art Foundation in 2019. Most recently, a new audio work was included as part of both the Art Licks Weekend Festival in London (2019) and the Recorded Audio Festival, Helicotrema at the Palazzo Grassi,Venice.Thom will also be presenting an audio-visual work at the upcoming Dakar Biennale 2020, as well being an invited to exhibit as part of the Bowed Electrons Festival 2020, hosted by the South African College of Music.

Her work is informed by researchers who recognise the ways in which sound can alter the perspectives we hold of objects, spaces and experiences.Thom’s practice, which explores a relationship between photography, performance, music and sound, delves into a philosophical way of thinking that does not rely on only one framework for reality. It attempts to make us “think beyond the limits of what we, as human beings, were long considered able to think, speculating instead about the nature of the non-human and what such thinking might provide for the many issues we face in our contemporary moment” (Beier & Wallen, 2017:149).Thom’s interest in the voice marks an ethical concern with the authority of voice: who or what has the right to speak.



Mia Thom

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