Market Photo Workshop

As a school of photography, a gallery, and a project space, the Market Photo Workshop has played a pivotal role in the training of South Africa’s photographers, ensuring that visual literacy reaches neglected and marginalised parts of our society. Since it was founded in 1989 by world-renowned photographer David Goldblatt, the Photo Workshop has been an agent of change and representation, informing photographers, visual artists, educators, students and broader communities of trends, issues and debates in photography and visual culture.


Located in Newtown, Johannesburg, the Market Photo Workshop strives to create an environment where students learn, not only the technical and conceptual aspects of photography, but also ways of critical thinking integral to the understanding of contemporary photographic practice.


 Market Photo Workshop believes in progressive education that challenges traditional modes of thinking, continuously encouraging students to critically engage with the world around them.

The Market Photo Workshop is a division of The Market Theatre Foundation.

138 Lillian Ngoyi St (old Bree St)



Khona Dlamini

+ 27 (0) 11 834 1444



Market Photo Workshop