M Studio Community

M Studio Community is creating a space within our contemporary society which provides South African artists with a support system and networking platform. The company aims to enable emerging artists to develop their careers in a community of their creative peers. Artists need to work together and not as isolated thinkers if they wish to take the vital steps towards changing and accurately reflecting the current social environment, this is the notion which founded M Studio.


M Studio Community provides artists with mentorship in both conceptual and technical development. The artists are able to debate, collaborate and communicate their thoughts and technical discoveries with other community members. 


The unconventional gallery brings the viewer, audience member or client into the artist’s studio space by combining the gallery with functional art Studios, inviting clients to interact directly with the artist within a professional environment. M Studio Community is a space assisting emerging artists on their journey to establishing themselves as contemporary conceptual artists within the art industry.



Sarah McGee

+27 (0) 61 546 5170 




M Studio Community