Living Artist Emporium

Living Artist Emporium’s (LAE) mission is to create a sustainable platform with dedicated resources for emerging artists to create cutting edge contemporary art through the LAE STUDIOS and to promote their profiles and artwork through curated art exhibitions and events within the LAE GALLERY sphere.


Lack of resources, guidance and artistic direction are all factors emerging artists are facing today. LAE is addressing these challenges by supplying the necessary infrastructure, guidance and tools to enable emerging artists to build their careers.


LAE’s slogan “Breaking the rules of art” is against the grain of the norm. LAE aims to push boundaries and create a platform where artists experiment with new techniques and have freedom of expression. With this platform LAE is breaking new ground by facilitating artists to enter the contemporary art market and showcase their art to the industry. LAE endeavours to develop the stars of tomorrow and makes art accessible to all.



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Eric Botha

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Living Artist Emporium