Galerie NOKO

Galerie NOKO opened its doors in 2014 in Port Elizabeth. It features works by various artists offering diffuse socio political, cultural or traditional views on contemporary culture. The re-evaluation and presentation of perceptions and conjectures by our modern and contemporary artists is aimed at facilitating and enhancing the discussion of artistic observation and engagements.

 Galerie NOKO serves as a fulcrum for dialogue through thematically structured group and solo exhibitions and our programs are purposed to optimise the generation and dissemination of visual narratives. We foresee in our pursuits a parallel attempt in our community to develop diverse and multi-cultural approaches. It is with an integrated focus of exhibiting both local and international artists at various points of development in their careers that the gallery is well positioned to show new, fresh and established visions.


109 – 111 Russell Road

Richmond Hill

Port Elizabeth


Contact Details

Usen Obot

+27 (0) 41 582 2090



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Galerie NOKO