Free State Art Collective

The Free State Art Collective’s main purpose is to develop and sustain the careers of all the artists who belong as members and to raise awareness of talent in the Free State, thereby developing a more visible national presence. The Collective also aims to mentor emerging artists and to provide a network of information and opportunity. The collective offers workshops by professionals, providing further skills and conceptual development training; with the intention of keeping Free Sate artists connected to national trends and new innovations in art production and practice.


Like a gallery, the Free State Art Collective has a growing stable of artists whose work will be promoted and sold via the brand. But unlike a gallery, there is no tie to a specific exhibition space. Instead, the collective is mobile, working through the unique curation of events and via exposure nationally at established art shows and fairs.



Karen Brusch

+27 (0) 84 017 0728



Free State Art Collective