Berman Contemporary

Berman Contemporary is rooted in the growing understanding of the cultural richness and

diversity of South African contemporary art. The gallery’s collection centres on a vibrant

group of artists living and working in South Africa.

Through studio visits, the gallery establishes connections to artists from all walks of life

whose unique artistic processes celebrate their historical and cultural heritage and give

voice to their complex societal realities, evoking an active and interpretative experience

for the viewer.


Berman Contemporary was established to promote the work created by these local

artists. The gallery further aims to establish a synergistic network between South African

artists and their global contemporaries, many of whom evidently want to engage with the

current South African art scene – not only as observers, but as active analysts,

experimenters and contributors within this context and with this specific audience in




Els van Mourik | Morgan Kunhardt

+31630104080 | +27826395140



Berman Contemporary

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Learning to Breathe Differently

Learning to Breathe Differently

Berman Contemporary
2020, Exhibitor News
01 May 2020

Berman Contemporary's Virtual Exhibition 

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