Imbali at the RMB Turbine Art Fair 2018

This year at the RMB Turbine Art Fair, Imbali crafts students will be running the Children’s Art Area. Children will be able to choose from a range of activities including drawing and painting, collage and mixed media, beadwork or clay to explore their creativity and make something they are proud of! All activities will be facilitated by enthusiastic and knowledgeable Imbali students. Parents can leave their children in the Imbali Children’s Art Area while they view of fair, knowing that their children will be in safe hands and actively experiencing their own creativity.

Let your kids explore art at the supervised kids art area for some arty fun!  Open on Saturday and Sunday of the fair. Children from the ages of 3 – 12 are welcome at the Imbali Kids Area.

Activities include:
• Drawing and painting
• Clay
• Collage and mixed media
• Beadwork


Who is Imbali?

Imbali is a non-profit organisation involved in crafts training and skills development for youth and women from disadvantaged backgrounds. This ultimately leads to job creation opportunities and economic empowerment for these individuals. Imbali is also involved in teacher development for creative arts teachers.

Imbali turns 30 this year and this significant anniversary sees the launch of The Imbali Artbooks: Adventuring into Art. This series of 7 books introduces young people to the world of art, through looking at and making art. Numerous South African and international artists are featured, from the first artists in this country up to young contemporary artists working today. These books distil Imbali’s 30 years of experience into an inspiring and succinct series, which not only engage the reader in imaginative, creative and innovative thinking and doing, but also have the potential to contribute to readers’ social and intellectual development.


To change people’s lives through arts education and training.


Imbali is committed to achieving and maintaining a leadership role in the arts, crafts and design education and training sector through upholding high standards of training and professional teacher development, emphasising creativity and innovation in everything we do.

Imbali is a not-for-profit organisation providing training to the poorest of the poor, thus we depend on funding for all our activities.

For more information contact:


The Bus Factory, 3 Helen Joseph Street, Newtown

Telephone: 011 492 3333


Web site: Facebook: Imbali Visual Literacy Project