There are two installation talks on Sunday 16 July at the Turbine Art Fair 2017.  For times please see below.

In conversation with Neil Wright and Ralph Ziman


Sunday 16 July 2017

Times Speaker Title  Description
12:00 Neil Wright Navigating the swamp – Lower basement Turbine 3 Neil’s intention with this installation will be to reimagine the paintings from his “Wilderness” series in a three dimensional space where elements from the paintings are recreated in sculptural form.
12:30 Ralph Ziman The Casspir Project: Spook 1 2017 – Outside Lower basement food and drinks area
The Casspir Project SPOEK 1, is a multifaceted artwork comprising installation, photography, oral history and documentary. The project was conceptualised by Ralph Ziman, a South African artist and film director currently residing in the United States.
Spoek 1 is a vibrant, visual illumination of this historical trajectory, as well as of Ziman’s need to confront his own past and the country he left behind. It is an effort to reconcile a history of devastation and foster a dialogue of where we are going, and what kind of world we want to live in once we get there.