Children's art walkabouts TAF17
Children's art walkabouts
Robyn Penn, assisted by her student artists, will be conducting four Children’s Walkabouts at TAF17.
11h00 and 12h30 on both Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 July
1 hour each


These walkabouts are an accessible, age appropriate activity that quickly and in a fun way help children understand what an art fair is and ways of looking at art. The talk provides them with ways of understanding the art and a vocabulary to describe it. The participants get to interact with the exhibition by sticking a sticker on their favourite artwork as if they were buying it. Exhibitors may also chat to the group of budding art enthusiasts to give them more insight into the works they’re exhibiting. The children are safe and happy in Robyn’s care as she and her team shepherd them through the fair.

Each walkabout will be divided into ages 6-11 and 12+
Strictly no children under 6 years

Please meet at the children’s area, maximum 20 children per walkabout, participation is on a first come, first served basis.