This landscape. This landscape!

The Quintessential Metaphor For Life

 by David Koloane in collaboration with LL Editions

curated by Ruzy Rusike

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In all life of South African Art, especially in the Black Community none has ever celebrated our own. Therefore it is time that we celebrate ntate Koloane as he was taught how to paint but expressed himself though the medium of printing – Joe Legate


A tribute to David Koloane exists in the odd tension of his approach to the world and art making. His approach to his work is without a sense of risk that does not allow for the tools to get in the way of him and the image. It is a journey that invites one to question the ways in which we sit in the world via the push and pull of Koloane’s lines evoked by the un-unified factor of its rhythm. Therefore, within it, in its abstraction you are always aware of the time though his constant need of figuring out what he wants and wants you as the viewer to see. Therefore, it is in his curiosity to wonder why? How come the birds don’t sing in the city?