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In line with the dual mission of the RMB Turbine Art Fair to promote emerging artists and encourage art collecting, Strauss & Co has embarked on a series of exhibitions by prominent South African artists to show budding art collectors what they can achieve if they select their art wisely.

In 2017 Strauss & Co mounted an exhibition of a single owner collection of Pierneef landscapes. The owner purchased his first Pierneef linocut when he was 13 years old and has since amassed one of the finest collections of Pierneef landscapes in the country.

This year at RMB Turbine Art Fair, in an exhibition featuring a selection of Irma Stern still lifes from private collections titled Life Force, Still life by Irma Stern, Strauss & Co expands on the notion of the ideal collector and what he/she can achieve in a lifetime of collecting.

One collector recalls, as a young girl, looking at a still life strategically hung by her mother in the dining room at breakfast, lunch and dinner. This painting is now in her own collection.

Not only is Irma Stern the bestselling artist on the secondary market, and specifically at Strauss & Co, but her still lifes serve as inspiration for a group of young contemporary artists as well. Strauss & Co has launched a competition among scholars at tertiary art schools in Gauteng to submit a still life in a medium of their choice. These works will be exhibited alongside the Sterns and will be on sale.

All artworks are graciously insured by iTooArtinsure for the duration of the fair.