Following on from the enormous success of the JAG’s (Johannesburg Art Gallery) collection of Multiples exhibition at TAF15, we are delighted to announce that this year’s exhibition will  showcase a juxtaposition of the works of Francisco Goya and Diane Victor, one of South Africa’s most respected contemporary artists.


In anticipation of Diane Victor’s retrospective at the Johannesburg Art Gallery in November 2016, JAG has decided to pay tribute to Victor’s Disasters of Peace series (2001 – present) in an exhibition that situates them with a selection of works from Francisco Goya’s Los Caprichos (1797-1798). Victor’s Disasters of Peace can be said to draw inspiration from Goya’s Disasters of War series (1810 – 1820), but there are also many correlations between this body of work and Los Caprichos.


Los Caprichos explores the socio-political landscape of Spain at the time and Goya takes a satirical -albeit – dark look at the grim everyday reality of Spain and the lives of its people. In the same way, Victor explores the everyday, painfully documented, often traumatic, events of post-Apartheid South Africa. The ongoing Disasters of Peace series seeks to explore various legacies left by Apartheid as well as the current social and political climate in South Africa.


Although created centuries (and continents) apart, these bodies of work speak to each other on a level that shows whilst times may have changed, societies today are still shaped by the same trials and indeed, artists are still grappling with these issues.


Strauss & Co

“The Turbine Art Fair presents a wonderful opportunity for Strauss & Co to showcase a selection of works from its online-only auction, which will run from 8-18 July 2016. The auction will include a wide variety of works, largely by South Africa’s most loved modern and contemporary artists, at accessible prices. The popularity of online auctions has grown exponentially worldwide, and they are an excellent opportunity for new and emerging collectors to start building a collection, but are growing in popularity among seasoned collectors too. The Turbine Art Fair is the perfect forum for art enthusiasts to see some of the works from Strauss & Co’s online-only auction in the flesh”  says Susie Goodman, General manager (JHB), Strauss & Co.  Strauss & Co will also be responsible for valuating the exciting JAG exhibition.


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