Tamara Osso Emerging Painter Turbine Art Fair 2017

Tamara Osso

Tamara Osso’s series of ‘Touchworks’ are made up of framed glass plates with print-ink deposits. The work is a visual patois of Osso’s practice as a ballerina. As a daily morning ‘exercise’, Osso uses parts of her body dipped in ink to ‘touch’ the surfaces, leaving highly detailed traces of the surface of her skin. In careful consideration of composition, the works form an intimate notation of the body in ballet. These surfaces hover on the transparent sheet, evoking both ethereality and dense opacities. So Osso comments, ‘I am interested in the connections between the immediacy of performance and the physicality of painting. I enjoy how moments of interaction can be suspended/extended/revisited/ through the media of dance and paint.’ Indeed, the delicacy of the works evoke the libidinal grace of dance: the indexes of an allégro springing and ‘touching-down’ on surface. Tamara Osso worked as a professional dancer before pursuing a career in Fine Art as a visual artist. She danced with numerous companies, most notably; Free flight Contemporary Dance Company, Ballet Theatre Afrikan and Janice Honeyman. In 2006 she enrolled in a BA Fine Art degree and completed her honours degree in 2009.   She completed her MA degree at WITS University 2014. Tamara’s exhibition credits include; WITS Martinessen Prize finalist 2007, 2008, 2009. She showed in a group exhibition titled Beyond the Line at The Goethe Institute in 2008. Virtually Real at the Substation at Wits in 2009 and was a finalist in The Sasol Young Signatures Competition 2009.