Sheekha Kalan Emerging Painter Turbine Art Fair 2017

Sheekha Kalan

Sheekha Kalan’s artworks translate traditional paint mediums into an alternative surface of cotton embroidery and transparent plastic in radiant colours. But this has the paradoxical effect of highlighting what is most distinctive about contemporary painting: the non-pictorial logic of composition. The works are a continuation of a theme emphasizing the integration of the physical and abstract through washes of colour and hand-stitching, as well as experimenting with the limits of two-dimensional and three-dimensional space. Being so acutely focused on composition in this regard, the painstaking process of stitching each spatially-triggered colour-form emphasises the the painter’s unique challenge: how an invisible mental schema can resonate as a material document within the viewer’s own visual field. Sheekha Kalan is a Master’s graduate from Wits University (2015). She has had two solo shows in Johannesburg, The Point of Order (2015) and Lizamore and Associates Gallery (2016). She has also participated in a comprehensive list of group exhibitions in Johannesburg since 2010.