Neo Diseko Emerging Painter Turbine Art Fair 2017

Neo Diseko

Neo Diseko addresses states of queer identity and desire. His work is suggestive of the multiple dimensions of gender, and the performativity of gender as a vulnerable and emotional state.  However, he challenges the notion of vulnerability by his approach to the painted surface: he works with dynamically large-scale canvases in bright, sometimes luminous colours, while his brushwork is textured and complex. He creates sophisticated compositions through rough gestures in some areas, and completely soft blends of paint in others. His confident handling of the surface therefore speaks to a positive view of queerness, even as the self-portraits convey the uncertainty of identity in a contemporary world. Diseko is currently completing his Bachelor in Fine Arts degree at UJ, 2017. He has exhibited in various exhibitions, including the Thami Minyele Award top 100 in Ekuruleni.