Nazeerah Jacub Emerging Painter Turbine Art Fair 2017

Nazeerah Jacub

‘Within my painting series, I have used the mus’allah (prayer mat) as a representation of personal spaces in the daily life of a Muslim female. Within these spaces, a variety of pattern, colour and shape refers to a cultural and social heritage: as the prayer-rug is used in prayer, the constant usage provides evidence of prayer so that the object loses its materialistic value and becomes rich with spiritual intention. The material in which my artworks are created are a combination of traditional and non-traditional painting materials such as oil paint, henna, thread and chiffon. By pushing the oil paint through the surface of the silky chiffon fabric, the paint sifts through the fabric and begins to offer a number of sensory connotations. In conjunction with the henna, the chiffon upon which the painting is created reinforces the sensuality brought about by the undeniable female presence. Thus, the traditions of Indian cultures have been changed to fit the painting as I embrace this facet of my identity into my art making.’ Nazeerah Jacub graduated from UJ with a Bachelor in Fine Art in 2017.