Michal Kruger Emerging Painter Turbine Art Fair 2017

Michal Kruger

Kruger explores his personal history as a white Afrikaner male and the politics of gender, race, and class that surrounds this identity. But Kruger’s view of identity politics is humorous, voluptuously offering a view of the white male that is underhandedly impotent. It presents an ironic view of his experience in a middle-class upbringing. The works are small and diminutive, framed in the cheap gold and silver borders of school portraits. Each painting features a figure which is made both child-like and fantastical. Through the bright paint-tube colours he has impastoed onto the surface, the paintings evoke the icing on a birthday cake. But the paint is almost violently applied to the surface, distorting the figures in their ideal settings. Through the combination of conceptual intent and flippancy, beauty and strangeness, the installation is a contemporary interpretation of expressive modes of painting and postmodern pastiche. Michal Kruger graduated with a BFA from the university currently known as Rhodes in 2016. He a Cape Town based artist, and is currently working on a collection of paintings which explore an experimental image-making process which questions how the relationship of space and belonging are integrated with the multitudinous identities of the city and its histories.