Marcel Waldeck Emerging Painter Turbine Art Fair 2017

Marcel Waldeck

Waldeck’s paintings are surface-objects: they highlight the experience of vision and the compelling physicality of form. Achieving the singularity of this relationship prompts him to pare down extraneous pictorial effects, reducing the works to the minimal essentials of the medium. Producing large-scale silicone moulds of surfaces found in the city and in nature, he paints black acrylic ‘skins’ onto the mould. Once dry, he rips them free from the mould and fastens the skin to the canvas. The condensed subject, acrylic casings on canvas, focuses the act on the extraction and replication of matter, shape, colour and rhythm: formal conditions which correlate nature and abstract art. Says Waldeck, ‘My choice to use only acrylic on canvas also emphasizes the boundaries between the sculptural realm and the illusion of form and depth in painting. This resulted in what I like to call sculptural field skins, and their own unique physical qualities are enhanced by the fact that they exist as independent entities on the canvas.’ Marcel Waldeck lives and works in Johannesburg. He has exhibited in many group shows, including ‘B.M.W.’ (2005) with Michael Macgarry and Zander Blom, and ‘Burn out’ (2006) curated by Stephen Hobbs . Between 2010 and 2014, he had 5 solo shows under the pseudonym ‘Marcel Marcel’, indicating a period where he worked in an independent process of exploration. This new work, in painting, is the product of this intensive regeneration of his identity and artistic practice.