Danielle Wepener Emerging Painter Turbine Art Fair 2017

Danielle Wepener

Danielle Wepener’s abstraction is a potent painterly vision of thought-processes: deeply distorted, incomplete, and tensely articulated.  It is also a searing embodiment of her process and practice as an artist, as a subject, as a particular human experience. The resistance of acrylics and enamels as they are pushed and pulled, dragged and severed into thick confluences of geometry and organic form; visibly and sensorially unwinding through multiply fluid films and stratums; the grinding exertions in sweat and in the city; both blind as walls and clear as gas, inhabit a space both known and almost profanely unknown, constitutive of and constituted by the mind, now your mind, in play with surface. Danielle Wepener was born in Krugersdorp, Johannesburg. Wepener received consecutive Postgraduate Merit Awards from Wits to further her studies towards a Master of Arts in Fine Arts. In 2015 Wepener hosted her Masters exhibition Through the Extent at the Wits Fine Art Gallery: The Point of Order.  Wepener has exhibited in numerous group exhibitions in Johannesburg and Cape Town, such as Turbine Art Fair, Kalashnikovv and Liebrecht Gallery. Most recently, Wepener has submitted her Master’s thesis on the use of space as a medium in artistic practice.