Daniel Nel Emerging Painter Turbine Art Fair 2017

Daniel Nel

Daniel Nel images modern industrialised landscapes. He has a consistent mode of painting in large swathes of subtle grey washes, slowly building geometrical forms into sharp details.  These are landscapes which are familiar, but are thrust into a psychological space of deep and sometimes darkly distorted perception. The atmosphere is stark, with air and edifice becoming indistinguishable. In certain moments, the paint drips and pools, disturbing the order of architecture. He also punctuates space with flashes of flat colour or organic plant-matter, disrupting the depth of perspective. Nel describes these relationships between the painted surface and subject matter as ‘constellations’ which hover between ‘waking and dreaming, vulnerability and threat’. Indeed, some of these constellations slip into completely abstract representations, triggering alternative readings of the landscapes in the installation of his work. Nel graduated with a BFA in Fine Arts from Rhodes University in 2013; mentored by recognised artist and lecturer Tanya Poole. He is currently enjoying early recognition by collectors and institutions such as the Spier Gallery in Cape Town.