Corma Laubscher Emerging Painter Turbine Art Fair 2017

Corma Laubscher

‘My artmaking process came as a consequence of spending time in my environment close to my home in South Africa, collecting rusted, discarded objects and fragments that caught my eye along a path I walk regularly. The act of collecting them and painting them has become a mode of tracing the time lost while living in England, and reconnecting to my precious homeland South Africa. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that my attraction to these objects lies in their weathered appearance.  They have been exposed to the elements and eroded by water, the sun, and fire.  The evidence of time passed was captured in the traces on their surfaces.  Each piece reflects a history and almost forgotten lived experience that is recouped via my intensive portrayal of it. I paint in a delicate, thinly layered and hyper-realistic way. In a way, the long process enacts my walked journeys through the South African countryside. The presence of light and detailed shadows in these paintings therefore also underline my emotional attachment to the process.’ Corma Laubscher lives in the countryside near Worcester in the Western Cape. Returning to a life-long passion for painting and art-making, she is embarking on a Visual Arts Undergraduate degree at Unisa in Cape Town.