Anthony Morton Emerging Painter Turbine Art Fair 2017

Anthony Morton
Anthony Morton deeply engages with traditional oil painting, but he invests the surface with the energy and spontaneity of the maverick. In an unrestricted approach, Morton deploys both abstraction and figuration – at times a strong tension between the two – to manifest a thickly-layered visual expanse of sensual information. He translates subjects from art history, the natural world and music into vividly embodied gestures. As a pulsating animation of form and colour, the paintings nevertheless bear the mark of the painter’s long and arduous labour to find authentic expression. These works stand as testament to both painting’s triumph and failure against the fixity of commercial design. Beauty, ugliness, torture, and grace play and compete across the surfaces, representing what he describes as ‘pictures about pictures’ : the convolutions and evolutions in which the pictorial field of vision endlessly mutates. Anthony Morton was educated at Rhodes University under the supervision of Tanya Poole. In 2015-2016, Morton collaborated with the American artist Elliot Hess in ‘XIANG’ at the Ooh la Art Gallery in Shanghai, China. He has also exhibited in various group exhibitions in South Africa and China. Morton is an MFA candidate at The Bergen Academy of Art and Design in Norway from 2017-2019