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Social Media Art Gallery is a European art gallery featuring international artists at the RMB Turbine Art Fair 2018

The Social Media Art Gallery is the world’s first pop-up gallery where social media art meets the real world. It is more than just a photo gallery – it’s a meeting point, an event platform, a pop-up store traveling all around the world covering many benefits at once. It is a platform where online photography comes to life in high-quality prints; where online photographers can show and sell their art, signed and in limited edition; and where photography enthusiasts meet their artists face to face. To compete with the digital world and reach as many people as possible we literally pop up in the photography and art hot spots of the world. We exhibit at art fairs, during events and festivals or in any interesting location that attracts photography lovers. We offer a wide range of photography: outdoor, black and white, landscape, street, people, wildlife, artificial, authentic, framed or unframed, fine-art print or on canvas. We feature online photographers from all around the world and offer their work on high quality prints in limited editions at affordable prices. The vision of the Social Media Art Gallery is to create a platform for people from all over the world to meet face to face. We connect online photographers and their followers in the real world and develop synergies with all kinds of photography lovers. We want to inspire people by experiencing social media art and local online artists in offline locations. It’s all about good old analogue dialogue.


Bastian Schertel

Social Media Art Gallery_June Lawrence_Toronto_2017_Photography_Edition10_140x108cm

June Lawrence

Social Media Art Gallery_Rusty Wiles_Balcony__2018_Photography_Edition20_30x30cm

Rusty Wiles

Social Media Art Gallery_June Lawrence_Orange_2018_Photography_Edition20_30x45cm

June Lawrence