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Gallery contact details:

Wayne Matthews (Gallery Director)

Telephone: 0745153247


Alison Shaw (Assistant Curator)

Telephone: 084 3010512




Address: Priest Gallery, 142 Jan Smuts Avenue, Rosebank






Priest Johannesburg is one part Art Gallery, one part Espressobar and one part Edit Suite. Situated on Jan Smuts Ave, diagonally opposite the Goodman Gallery. Our exhibition platform offers emerging and established artists the opportunity to showcase their work in a gallery located in the vibrant heart of the “Rosebank Art Strip” in Johannesburg.

Gallery Director Wayne Matthews and Assistant Curator Alison Shaw are bucking the normative white cube.  Priest comes to you as a hybridized, off-kilter and progressive gallery run by artists for artists. Whilst the zeitgeist leans ever more into the tainted touch of commercialism and consumption Priest desires more nuance, deviation, experiment and serious play, the virtues of art as we understand it.

PRIEST TAF 2018 – what to expect

Given Priest’s penchant for multimedia and interdisciplinary practices, we aim to bring this spirit to the Turbine Art Fair in 2018. The viewer can expect a broad selection of mediums and artists, some previously allied with the gallery, fresh collaborations and first-time JHB exhibitors. The Priest space will don multimedia works by Rhett Martyn, Bamanye Ngxale and Kai Lossgott as well as paintings, prints and drawings by Sandile Radebe, Shenaz Mahomed, Neil Niewoudt, Susan Opperman and renegade Willie Saayman, artist’s books, sculpture and much more. In a nutshell, anticipate a surprising and playful showcase of exceptional artists from across the country.


Rhett Martyn_Composition 5_ink on paper

Rhett Martyn Composition 5 ink on paper


Sarah Grace. Over the Bifrost.

Sarah Grace. Over the Bifrost.


Willie Saayman. The Man who stopped Painting. Oil on Paper.

Willie Saayman. The Man who stopped Painting. Oil on Paper.


Susan Opperman. Homo's Erotica

Susan Opperman. Homo’s Erotica


Shenaz Mahomed _Halaal_Certified_Crossword_2017

Shenaz Mahomed Halaal Certified Crossword 2017