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OneArtGallery is an online gallery and disruptive art space that was created in 2016 to try to make art more accessible to collectors and art-lovers alike, as well as to connect artists with their potential clients and supporters.


OneArtGallery, we believe that supporting both local and international artists is important both from a business and an industry perspective. We’ve made it our mission to seek out artists who are innovative and who are motivated by a desire to use their art as a vehicle for change. OneArtGallery is an artist-centric space, where both the artist and the collector can enjoy all the benefits of their shared interest in art.


OneArtGallery wants art collectors and lovers alike to immerse themselves in the art world. To view art as a means to start a conversation. To love art for art’s sake and to help build a creative space where art can be enjoyed, shared and added to one’s personal collection with the simple tap of a key.



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Thonton Kabeya: Face (Series). 2017. Walnut powder and newspaper ink transfer on sculpting canvas. 81 x 61cm.


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Life Made in China. 2015. Walnut powder on board and sculpting canvas. 72 x 50cm.


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Thokozani: Kwathiwa Silinde III (We were told to wait). 2018. Mixed Medium (Acrylic, charcoal & newspaper collage on canvas). 116 x 157cm.


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Blind Leadership III. 2018. Acrylic and charcoal on canvas. 147 x 116cm.