In Toto High Res


The Penthouse, 3rd Floor, 68 St. Andrew Street, Birdhaven, Johannesburg

The Gallery hours are 10-5 Mondays to Fridays and 10-1 on Saturdays.


Telephone: 011 447 6543





Founded in Johannesburg in 2010, In Toto Gallery is an exciting exhibition space that features local and international, historical and contemporary artworks.

Exhibiting a wide variety of genres, In Toto is a highly valued participant in the South African art world. By featuring artists with a firm foothold in the market place as well as up and coming artists who show great promise, In Toto takes pride in its innovative exhibitions and knack for finding and nurturing talent.

In Toto is a small gallery that prides itself on quality over quantity. We focus on exhibiting meaningful and interesting work, and our exhibitions strive to inspire new ways of looking at art and various topical issues and discourses. All our shows feature carefully selected artists that we believe hold current and potential value both in the art market and art history.

Ilana Seati

Seati is a contemporary artist who creates powerful abstract works using mixed media. The artist explores the concept of truth and fantasy in her works. In particular, she examines the way in which we move across the boundaries of reality and fiction in our lives and how these two concepts play with our minds.



Ilana Seati_Untitled 0601_1000x700_Mixed media drawing on paper_R14500

Ilana Seati Untitled 0601 1000×700 Mixed media drawing on paper


Ilana Seati_Untitled 0602_750x1050_Mixed media drawing on paper_R18300

Ilana Seati Untitled 0602 750×1050 Mixed media drawing on paper


Ilana Seati_Untitled 0603_750x1000_Mixed media drawing on paper_R21200

Ilana Seati_Untitled 0603 750×1000 Mixed media drawing on paper


Ilana Seati_Untitled 0604_1000x750_Mixed media drawing on paper_R21200

Ilana Seati Untitled 0604 1000×750 Mixed media drawing on paper