Benon Lutaaya in partnership with The Bag Factory Artists’ Studios and Lizamore & Associates present, the Young Female Artist Award. Sponsored by artist Benon Lutaaya, the award will annually provide a young female artist with guided mentorship from Bag Factory artists, a studio space and materials budget to focus on experimentation and new production.

The award is part of the Bag Factory’s established visiting artist programme, which provides local, international and emerging artists with the opportunity to work in a creative community, founded on the basis of learning by exchange; artists teach, encourage and influence each other, ultimately enhancing their artistic practice. Lutaaya, who first joined the Bag Factory as a visiting artist in 2011 and later as a studio artist understands the value in this mode of exchange and development.

For the 2017 Turbine Art Fair, Lutaaya would like officially launch the award, presenting works from the 2016 winner (Sheekha Kalan) and finalists; Kolodi Senong & Nompumelelo Ngoma. to showcase the caliber of young female artist in the country and open the call for the 2017 residency.


2016 Award Winner Sheekha Kalan

Following on from Kalan’s previous exhibition Ātmān (2015), the residency culminates in a body of work that is still very much linked to the theme of ātmān, “the self as the subject of individual consciousness, the soul, the supreme personal principle of life in the universe”. Exploring space, perception and an inner world has been central to her work. The expression of consciousness (energy) translates into works on canvas, embroidery material and transparent plastic using radiant colours, thread and cotton material.

The works display the integration of the material and abstract through washes of colour and hand-stitching as well as experimenting with the limits of 2-D and 3-D space. In essence, the works depict the process of ‘drawing out’ from the invisible into the visible, personally awakening a stronger perception of the life force that can be termed the ātmān. Kalan presented Ātmān (2016) at Lizamore & Associates Gallery in November 2016.

Young Female Artist Award Turbine Art Fair 2017

Sheekha Kalan Atman IV

Sheekha Kalan_Atman V

Sheekha Kalan_AtmanVI

Sheekha Kalan_Untitled I