Sulger-Buel Lovell

Unit 2 La Gare, 51 Surrey Row

London SE1 0BZ

United Kingdom of Great Britain

Gallery telephone number + country code : +44 203 268 2101

Website address : www.sulger-buel-lovell.com

Additional Gallery locations (if any) : Office 15 Van Zyl Street, Riebeek West, Western Cape 7306

Christian Sulger-Buel, and Tamzin Lovell Miller

Email address of Gallery Director(s) : christian@sulger-buel-lovell.com, tamzin@sulger-buel-lovell.com


Sulger-Buel Lovell is positioned as part of a new approach in understanding the trajectories of contemporary art from Africa and the diaspora. Our belief is that the socio-cultural and economic transformations of Africa can be better understood through the analysis and interpretation of cutting-edge art. Furthermore, contemporary art in Africa is relevant in understanding the broader socio-political context of the continent. Sulger-Buel Lovell offers a strategic partnership approach with artists, and a highly individual approach to clients.

The gallery, based in London with a head-office in Cape Town, accompanies existing and new collectors to this emerging market. We are dedicated to the long term success of the collectors and artists we work with.


Collectors want interesting works that have a story, by artists of stature who are gaining in value, works that will last by artists that will last. It’s on this basis that Sulger-Buel Lovell has selected to present four South African two international artists worth investing in. Neill Wright, Vivien Kohler and Carolyn Parton and Ralph Ziman (South African) and Slimen El Kamel, Nu Baretto (Tunisia, and Guinea Bissau respectively) and in our booth. An installation by Neill Wright will also be exhibited in one of the Turbines, and Ralph Ziman’s Casspir Project is tipped to be one of the main attractions during the fair. 

un reve d'une nuit d'été Wedding



Neill Wright. Title: Nightshade, Acrylic on Canvas


Demoiselles close up Demoiselles

The beaded Casspir, 2017, glass beads and glue, 285 x 690 x 245 WEB

The beaded Casspir, 2017, glass beads and glue