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Solo Studios Turbine Art Fair 2017

Solo Studios is an event hosted over a weekend in Riebeek Valley, Western Cape, and is a collaboration of artists, curators and galleries resident and based in the valley. 

At Turbine Art Fair 2017, Solo Studios will represent a select group of artists participating in this year’s event.  Besides individual works of the artists, we will also be presenting the Solo Studios Linocut Print Project, a collaboration of 7 renowned resident artists who have produced a limited-edition (15 only) box set of prints. 

Participants in this project are: 

  • Andre van Vuuren
  • Emma Willemse
  • Greta McMahon
  • Solly Smook
  • Tamlin Blake
  • Jenny Parsons
  • Riaan van Zyl

All prints are:

–           On Fabriano Rosapina 285gsm

–           71x50cm


1.Tamlin Blake. At the Museum 2.Greta McMahon. Swimming with the Nagas 3.Riaan van Zyl.ambiguity • ambɪˈɡjuːɪti 4.Jenny Parsons. Watsonia Buds 7.Emma Willemse. Living next to the bridge