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Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa

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The South African Print Gallery represents a selection of the finest examples of print-making by contemporary South African artists. Seeking to promote the language of printmaking, we aim to inspire a new generation of artists and collectors alike. South African Print Making has come into its own as a strong stand-alone medium with a highly evolved language created by artists from rich and diverse cultural backgrounds.

Artists such as Joshua Miles, Chris Diedericks, Connor Cullinan, and Theo Paul Vorster have created new works specifically for the Turbine Art Fair this year.

Those who love the work of Joshua Miles can look forward to seeing a continuation of landscapes in the reduction woodcut medium, in addition to linocuts and monoprints. Chris Diedericks has continued his Saddhu (Medicine Man) series with an edition of 10 large format screen prints in vibrant “pop” colours. Works by Theo Paul Vorster include a selection from his recent series titled “Juxtapposed”

We will also exhibit works by contemporary artists such as Bambo Sibiya, Pauline Gutter and Mongezi Nqapahyi, who offer an intriguing look into the possibilities of the medium of lithography. A diverse range of etchings by Bevan de Wet, Gabriel Clark-Brown, Willem Boshoff and Andrew Munnik can be seen alongside South African Masters such as Cecil Skotnes and Erik Laubscher.

Joshua Miles Werk toe 2016 Linocut

Joshua Miles
Werk toe

Joshua Miles, Icecream evening, 2014, Reduction Woodblock

Joshua Miles, Icecream evening, 2014, Reduction Woodblock