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Having evolved from the longstanding PPC Young Concrete Sculptor Awards, PPC Imaginarium encourages artists and designers to create and express their abilities using Portland cement-based concrete as a primary base or material. The competition features six disciplines in the arts and design fields. These disciplines are sculpture, jewellery, architecture, film, industrial and fashion design.

Join PPC Imaginarium from 14 to 17 July 2016 at the Turbine Art Fair in Newtown, Johannesburg, and draw inspiration from a variety of artworks on display. PPC Imaginarium takes pride of place in the main entrance foyer with a substantial installation of the 2016 finalists’ work.

For more information about the PPC Imaginarium Awards or to view the digital gallery of the 2015/2016 finalists’ work, please visit:


August de Wet Industrial Design

August de Wet Industrial Design

Hester Erasmus - Fashion

Hester Erasmus – Fashion





Janna Kruger - Sculpture

Janna Kruger – Sculpture