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Outofthecube is an online platform, established in 2013 with the intention of promoting the work of a diverse range of contemporary South African artists. Our core fascination with any artmaker͛s creative work is always why?͛ rather than what/who? In this way, the texts accompanying the outoftheCUBE exhibitions explore the thinking and working processes of each artist, and how these have evolved into works of art. outoftheCUBE is building a sibling website that will function in conjunction with the original site, to be launched at TAF17. Our theme title for TAF17 is greyscale, and we will exhibit a large selection of predominantly monochromatic editioned prints featured on the outoftheCUBE website. These will include 1990s and 2000s rare and classic prints from The Caversham Press, recent editions out of Tim Foulds’ Print Studio, and Colleen Alborough’s iconic 2010 series 50 Stories. The Caversham Press has donated a portfolio of etchings to outoftheCUBE, to be sold as single works to raise money for our TAF17 costs. Printed for The Caversham Press 25th anniversary exhibition in Boston, these have not been seen in the South African market before. These artists are Deborah Bell, William Kentridge, David Koloane, Mmakgabo Helen Sebidi and Vusi Zwane.

Colleen Alborough_ 'drive-in'_ 2010_ etching_ printed by the artist Colleen Alborough_ 'view'_ 2010_ etching_ printed by the artistSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


IMG 1 mind mappingIMG 2 the outoftheCUBE work space