Julie Miller Investment Art Institute

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The Julie Miller Investment Art Institute is an art investment and management company dedicated to searching out new and exciting talent, with a special focus on emerging contemporary art by African artists. As such, the art gallery in the Mall of Africa is a showcase of investment grade art and objet d’art that covers a broad range of styles and mediums, from paintings, drawings and photography, to ceramics and sculptures in bronze, glass and paper. Artists we will feature at the Turbine Art Fair include Robyn Field, Gerhard van Vuuren, Kyra Pape, Louis Chanu, Audrey Rudnick, Darren Aitken, Rae Goosen, and Taryn King.
Robyn Field - From Those Fabulous Folk Who Brought You Apartheid - Charc... Gerhard van Vuuren - Saïque - Acrylic on Board - 120cmx183cmx5cm - Image by Gerhard van Vuuren Kyra Pape - Monotype - 50cm x 70cm - Image by Kyra Pape Louis Chanu - Scooting Around - Bronze Sculpture - 12,5cm x 28cm x 28cm - Image by Louis Chanu