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6 Birdhaven Centre, 66 St. Andrew Street, Birdhaven, Johannesburg

Tel: +27 11 447 6543



In Toto Gallery is displaying work by two local, female artists: Dorothy Clark and Sue Martin. Clark’s beautiful ink drawings of indigenous trees are an extension of her 2015 exhibition Dorothy Clark’s Greenhouse. Both bodies of work reveal Clark’s passion for nature as well as her recognition of the individual character within every plant she sees. Martin’s Walk on the Wide Side works are a print series of layers of oil painting on translucent handmade paper, over vintage prints. Martin questions her place in the local contemporary art scene and explores the mysticism suggested by her forefathers in their depiction of African landscape scenes, and what it means for her today


Martin, Sue. Walk on the Wild Side I

Martin, Sue. Walk on the Wild Side I

In Toto Gallery - Birdhaven

In Toto Gallery – Birdhaven