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It͛s the first time for iBi ART on Turbine art fair and my goal and strategy for iBi ART is to inspire and bring out of artists their creativity and to give Young talent ( even if you are old ) i.e. young artists (and we are all artists) an opportunity to express themselves and a platform to exhibit. iBi Art arranges six to eight shows a year using the Alliance Francaise space and other spaces in Johannesburg to offer a platform for new artists. I run an art school privately and also work in the Ngo space using art to heal and to change behavior through Valued Citizen͚s Initiative . My personal ability is to bring out the creativity in my students and beneficiaries and I am a process junky. I enjoy seeing and facilitating the artistic process and then exhibiting their art work . I have had many new artist from my school go forward even on an international level and am so proud to see them grow into fully fledged full time artists. I enjoy the fresh and new and have found as an art gallerist and dealer that there is not enough space for new up and coming artists. Sometimes the doors to large more established galleries are closed to new artists ( as they have so many artists to take care of already) and there is space with iBi ART for up and coming artists to engage and exhibit with us.
This year will be a first on Turbine Art Fair and I have chosen the following artists :
Jonathan Stone – student of mine for the past three years
Roger Trebilcock a driftwood artist based in Plettenberg bay
Roger Hart – ex Geologist and now full time artist / painter and sculptor. His sculptures of animals will feature
Bongi Bengu – Painter and full time artist
Layziehound – Young full time artist
Mike Newton – originally a graphic artist and now a full time artist
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