Frisson Art Gallery

Annette Ashworth

Telephone: +265 99 29 82 224


Frisson Art Gallery
Frisson Art Gallery is based in Lilongwe, the capital city of Malawi. It opened in late 2016 and is situated in the grounds of the Woodlands Lodge in the heart of the wildlife area of the city. There is an eclectic mix of styles on display in the Gallery, from the very abstract through to the very realistic and both local and international artists are featured. The focus at the Turbine Art Fair is on four of the artists: George Mkumbula, Jimmy Malinga, Nisty Wizy and Annette Ashworth. All of the artists will be at the Art Fair, ready and willing to talk about their work and life. You can contact the Gallery by: email,, via Facebook – Frisson Art Gallery and Craft Shop (@frissonartgallery), or by mobile on whatsapp or calling +265 992982224.
The Rhythm Dancers Mediume Artist- George Mkumbula Title-The Soda Seller Medium- Artist- Nisty Wizy Title- Sunset Washing Medium- Jimmy Malinga (aka G’me)